Jungian Holland Types Indicator

The Jungian Holland Types Indicator is a seventy statement assessment based on the work of Carl Jung and John Holland. It is designed to discover your particular combination of types and styles across four Jungian scales – Extraversion/Introversion; Sensing/Intuitive; Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceptive and the six types of Holland types including, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. When you complete the assessment and arrive at the results page you will find your scores relative to each of the measures displayed there. Simply take note of your Jungian scales first i.e, is your Extraversion score higher than Introversion? – if it is then you are an E – is your Sensing score higher than your Intuitive score? – then you are an S and so on until you reach a Jungian four type result such as, ENTP, or INFP, for example. Some people will find that they may score equally on a scale measure such that their Extraversion score is the same as their Introversion score and this is not uncommon and tends to suggest that when your mood is higher then you may approach things with an extraverted style, however when you are a little down you may be more introverted. In this case, when your mood is buoyant your energy tends to move outwards and you are more focussed upon the world around you, however when you are more depressed then you tend to focus inwards and become more reflective about thoughts.

Next, take note of your three or four highest Holland scores and then go to the Personal Styles page and read about the career areas that suit your Jungian types result and the areas that Holland would suggest for you. Ideally, the career areas suggested by both will be compatible and will provide confirmation that you are on the right track.

1.I am typically described as friendly and talkative
2.I need stability and security
3.I enjoy trying to figure out how things work
4.I need quiet time to recharge
5.I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an office
6.I always consider others in decisionmaking
7.I am typically down to earth and practical
8.I am an ambitious person, I set goals for myself
9.I believes that the sum of the parts is not necessarily the whole
10.I can be seen to be emotionally detached by others
11.I dislike routine and structure
12.I like to have clear instructions to follow
13.I like to explore new ideas and approaches
14.I like selling things
15.All Ideas must have practical application
16.I am good at working independently
17.I am seen by others as gentle and compassionate
18.I enjoy learning about other cultures
19.I am practical and I concentrate on the present
20.I remember numbers and figures
21.I like to work in teams
22.I can changes my mind easily
23.I prefers facts to feelings
24.I like working outdoors
25.I want to be liked by others
26.I like to play instruments or sing
27.I can be seen to be impractical at times
28.I like helping people
29.I like to do filing or typing
30.I like to lead
31.I find that telephone calls are a welcome break
32.I would like to start my own business
33.I prefer to work with known facts
34.I like working with numbers or charts
35.I prefer my work to be organised, structured and routine
36.I pay attention to details
37.I would like to work in an office
38.I usually feel things first and then think about them later
39.I prefer schedules and lists
40.I like to read about art and music
41.I need quiet for concentration
42.I am energised by social interaction
43.I prefer to work alone or in small groups
44.I like to do puzzles
45.I think that the only good decisions are logical decisions
46.I prefer my interactions with others to be one-on-one
47.I prefer working with ideas, theories and possibilities
48.I am a creative person
49.I focus on what is, rather than what could be
50.I like to teach or train people
51.I find telephone calls are an unwelcome distraction
52.I like to build things
53.I’m typically drawn to new possibilities and situations
54.I am interested in healing people
55.I generally mix with many different people at parties
56.I like to do experiments
57.I am adventurous, a risk taker, spontaneous, enjoy the unexpected
58.I like putting things together or assembling things
59.I generally rely on my gut feelings and intuition
60.I enjoy creative writing
61.I think that seeing is believing
62.I like to try to influence or persuade people
63.I am usually described as kind, caring, in touch with my feelings
64.I prefer my life to have logical order
65.I like to work on cars
66.I like variety and action in my life
67.I am a practical person
68.I prefer my life to be organised and sorted
69.I enjoy science
70.I enjoy the unknown, uncertainty and variety in life

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